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Fashionista! – D’Illuminati Entertainment


WGA-registered show. The competition takes 7 days, 2 days for travel time, 4 days to shop and come up with a great collection and 1 day to assemble their collection. The contestants are all Complete Strangers, from all walks of life. Their common thread-fashion. With 24 hours notice they must be fully packed and prepared for anything! Anything.

24 hours notice to go where? They won’t know until they all arrive at the airport, at which point “The Fashion Agent” awaits to hand out 6 sealed envelopes with the secret destinations & international cash.

To kick things up a notch, they have the last minute option to swap envelopes, now no one truly knows who their team mate/destination will be, this is where the reality show gets exciting. Four different exotic destinations, 4 collections. 7 days, on your mark, get set, sew!