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Scarlet Rose (the movie) – D’Illuminati Entertainment

Scarlet Rose (the movie)

Scarlet Rose is a movie about how fate works in mysterious ways, it’s also about love, friendship and tragic moments in life when we finally realize that all things shall come to pass no matter how dark the moment may seem. Every rose has its thorns as such the human experience.

Movie directed and written by Jules Christian.

“Fate helps those who are willing & push those who are not.”

The under lying psychology of this narrative movie was inspired by water, its calming precedence and it’s unpredictable rage giving or taking life at a moments notice.

What the writer/producer/director Jules Christian wanted to do was to create a short movie using a reality based format, blending real life characters as themselves, most in their real life situations and creatively garnishing it with a dash of fiction for the Out fest version. A mini test run to further develop the provocative turn-of-the-century version of Scarlet Rose.

This film is a well made movie that shows homosexual (gay) relationships and how it is no different from issues with heterosexual relationships. This film can be watched by anyone 15 or above and there are no love scenes, not even kissing. Strong language: very little. Mostly produced in Long Beach California and Orange County.

Producer/Director/Writer: Jules Christian
Matthew B. Allenwood: Dean West
Candy: Vahgena Snatch
Waiter: Christ DiPaul
Jesse: Jesse Morales
Jim: Jim McKie
Talent Agent: Barbara Berg
Theatrical Producer: Barry Shaich
Secretary: Jessica Ballard
Jim’s Daughter: Ruth McKie
Keith: Keith Kohl
Diva Singer: Karen Cobb
Executive Producer: Connie “Butterfly Lady” Conard
Extra / DVD Author: Antonio Allah – Edward
Editor / Director of Photography: Rommel Invina
Soundtrack Design: Zachary Young
Underwater Photography: Bryan Geddes