the DESCENSION (a Jules Christian Concept film)

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A place of limbo or state of suffering inhabited by the souls of sinners who are atoning for their sins…

the DESCENSION. Short Film & Film-Television Concept.

the DESCENSION is a haunting tragic (angels & demons) love story between a Fallen angel (soul collector) and falling Hollywood Movie Star who unrealistically wants everything at any cost and ends in her own demise-purgatory.

A cross between “Twilight” and Wim Wenders 1987 German film “Wings of Desire” or the remake there of “City of Angels”.

“We are all connected in this Universe”…

the DESCENSION is one of three stories which make-up the complete film, entitled “Calling Long Distance“, a cross between Academy awarding winning films like “Babel“ and “Crash“. But based on real life stories which will amaze, shock and will surprise you. *Read one of my many stories below!

The short film-Directors comments:

I’ve been collecting allot of these real life stories (I’ve embellished a bit for theatrics) for over a decade, finally I decided to, register WGA and develop this story further. To test it on camera, I called on a few incredible friends (cast & crew) to help out. See the film for credits!

To constantly fine tune and challenge all our creative craft, we decided the goal will be 3 days to shoot/edit the short CONCEPT-ART film, with a small 3CCD mini-DV (intentionally) camera, a minuscule budget of $150.00 mainly used for costumes and lunches.

Along the way a story blossomed, the black and white soon became color.

The main character Lilith Cavali, is based on Sacred Hebrew texts about Lilith, Adam’s first wife (an angel) before Eve. Lilith refused to bow down and be a submissive wife to Adam, for Adam was a creature created by God and this was beneath her. Can you blame her?

Because she rejected Adam, God banished her from Heaven and she was the first female demon created. Then God created Eve with a part of Adam, so they can be of likeness.

If all this sounds interesting and bankable, let me know! Jules Christian.

* “Pennies from Heaven” On Christmas eve, Blanche an 80 year old widow drives her huge old car to visit another older friend who’s house bound. Blanche brings her friend’s favorite Christmas dinner, Chinese take-out and a small Christmas present-a bottle of Jungle Gardenia perfume.

As Christmas eve nears it’s end, Blanche says her good bye and heads to her car.

She noticed 3 thugs down the street looking, laughing and pointing at her, one pulls out a knife, she panics and fumbles for her keys, the keys drop, as the three shadowed figures start to approach her. They yell at her, hay you, you old bag, got any change-any thing?!

Blanche drives of, but as soon as she gets to the main street her car dies. The three thugs see this and approaches her. Horrified she gets out of her car, falls to the ground and almost hurts herself. She noticed a trail of pennies on the side walk leading up to the gas station.

She runs to the door as fast as she can and pounds frantically on the dark gas station, no one answers, she starts to cry, this was not how she wanted her Christmas to end, she falls on her weak knees and was prepared for the worse.

A voice from behind the door says, hay lady, I can’t help you if I can’t get out. Blanche gets up with great joy. The tall Latin man looks at her car, does a few adjustments and the car starts right up.

Blanche says to the man, thank you so much, I owe you sir, you saved me tonight, you’ll never know, I’m on a set income, I don’t have any money to give you. The gentleman replied, no worries, I can see you’re a kind soul, a good soul, Merry Christmas, you better get on home soon, this is not the best neighborhood.

On December 26th, Blanche heads back to the gas station with a small gift, she approaches an attendant and says, excuse me sir, I’m here to thank one of your employees who helped me Christmas eve.

The man replied, well sorry to tell you this but, I’m the owner, I gave everyone the holiday off since the 23rd, there was no one working here yesterday.

Blanche says, but you must be mistaken his name tag said Angel?!

Call Me, we have a Movie & Television show to produce!


Lilith Cavali
Klare DaValle

Mona Lei
Shirley Terry

Richard Bojorquez

Garfield Estes

Stephanie Gee Seecof
Lindsay Smith
Carol Drozd

Mona Lisa
Talking Tina

Written, Produced & Directed
Jules Christian

Co-Produced by
Klare DaValle

Editing, Audio Engineering, & Visual Effects by
Antonio TwizShiz Edward

Additional Visual Effects by
Gavin Kelly
3cgfx Animation Studios

Make-up & Production Assistant
Carolyn Drozd

Music Credits

Descension Theme by

Dark Haunting Violin Ghost Song
Max Ablitzer

Live Janvier 2005
au Palais des Congrès de Paris
Ave Maria
Les Choristes

Nox Arcana

Suspense Music
Peder B. Helland

Cinematic Audio Group

Funeral Music for Organ, Op. 111b (1931)
Jean Sibelius Surusoitto

I’ll Fly Away
Etta James

Contributors & Sponsors

Forest Lawn Cemetery
Cypress California

Serenity Alyanna Edward

Beverly Harrell

Shirley Terry

Rebecca Plascencia
Mason Terry
Kelly Quibin

Brad Shore
Patricia Roybal
Laura Wakefield
Connie Martin
Chris Bojorquez

John Tuttle
Mia Tuttle

Sharra Myers

Silvia Reyes
Henry Reyes

Stephanie Gee Seecof

…and thank you to all who were not credited.

Post-production Master File:
720p WMV
with 5.1 Surround Sound

with Dolby Digital AC-3 5.1

a Jules Christian Concept film

Copyright MMVIII D’Illuminati Entertainment
and Jules Christian
in association with Shiz Media
All Rights Reserved


Download from OneDrive (5.1 surround sound) | View on YouTube (2.0 stereo sound) || Pre-Edits Videos on YouTube


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